MOPA visit

Over Thanksgiving break I went down to the Museum of Photographic Arts in San Diego. It was a nice experience, considering that’s one of the museums there that I still had not been to. While there I took a look at the various exhibits and photos on display and really enjoyed myself, there were so […]

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Photo book project

Views to the inside For my photo book, I asked friends and family to open up about something that they struggled with in life. I asked them this as a sort of therapeutic help for myself to put things into perspective.

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Trying out Night Photography

Last night I went with a friend over to SDSU to take some shots for my assignment. I chose to come here because I remembered from my last visit to the campus that there was a nice courtyard that would make for nice photos. I didn’t end up getting as many shots as I would […]

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Street photography is utilizing the area around you to set up and use a camera to take photos in an amateur setting. It does not deal with studio lighting, rather using the natural light from outside. Aperture is the opening in a lens that controls how much light is let in to the lens when […]

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For this project, I was tasked with setting up my camera on a tripod and using lighting to photograph people and take their portraits. Unfortunately due to an accident, my original photos were lost, so as a plan b, I took photos of my family and their friends. The photos turned out nicely, I was […]

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Lakeview Park

In class this week we went to Lakeview Park up the street from the campus. The task was to experiment with natural lighting and artificial lighting some more. Which was really nice once the sun started to set and the hills created lovely silhouettes. I also really like the light reflecting off of the lake […]

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Studio Lighting

In class, I had the privilege of shooting some photos using studio lights. It was really interesting to play with different angles and see just how the light would show the subject differently. My favorites were the back-lit highlights that were given off when the light was coming from behind the person I was photographing. […]

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Diptych and Triptych

For this week assignment I wanted to try and take some photos of things I’ve found in my frontyard of my new place. The previous owners had some interesting things in the yard, including a solitary bench under some trees facing the house. I tried to play with the exposure levels on my camera to […]

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Tales by Light

Today I watched an episode of a documentary titled Tales by Light, which followed a photographer who searched for adventure in her photos. The camera work was very nicely done, with plenty of aerial views of the landscapes that she was in. It was very interesting to see the lengths she would go to in […]

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